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College Management Software

College Management Software

College Management Software is a software designed to  manage the entire Operations of an institution. College Management  Software is a simple yet powerful one joint integrated platform that connects all the various departments of an institution like  Administration, Examination, Library, Fe and many more
specialized modules.

Student Admission Module: This module has been provided the facility to manage all the student details according to different criterions.

  • The user finds it easy to add all the particulars of the student such as its personal details, its academic details etc.
  • Additional features include the facility to save student photo, which can be used in its I-card or Academic report.
  • Administration and other departments can easily generate the useful reports from this module like class wise student list based on desired criteria.
  • We provide some reports for date of birth list for parents, guardian, and student so that school may wish them on that date.

Academic Module: It handles all the related academic activity of the students and teachers. It provides the details of the subjects, examination, student marks etc.

  • Subject details according to the class and section can easily be maintained.
  • Schools following the grading system can easily configure grades according to their rules.
  • User can enter the marks of students, which is useful in generating the mark sheet as well as tabulation sheet of the students.
  • Different reports are generated which are very useful for the management. These reports include the Marks sheet, Toppers list, Gadget etc.

Fees Module: It's one of the important components of the school management software. It has been designed exclusively to handle all types of fee transactions taken place in the institution.

  • The user can configure the different types of payment mode available in the school i.e. monthly, quarterly, and bi-monthly etc.
  • The user can also configure all types of heads (like Admission, Tuition, and Sports etc.) available in the school.
  • Head charges can also be configured separately for any class, class type and their sections.
  • Different types of concession in fees are also given to the student on the basis of various conditions.
  • Proper care is taken for the refundable amount of the student.
  • This module is accompanied with various types of reports, which include reports related to fine collected, fee defaulters, concession report, fee register etc.

Timetable Module: It will help the user to generate error free timetable as no subject is ignored to be allocated; no teacher is given extra workload etc. This module produces various reports like Class wise timetable, Teacher wise timetable and Alternate teacher schedule etc.
Inventory Module: This module is used to keep track of different types of goods purchased by the institute. Important reports like date wise stock register, minimum stock register, gate pass slip and more beneficial reports can be generated in this module.
Library Module: It provides the complete functionality to maintain all the details of books, magazines, suppliers, and also the details of book binder. In addition to this user can also issue / return the books and the system itself handles the condition of fine.  Apart from the above mentioned features books searching facility is also provided, searching can be done according to the title of books, author etc.
Payroll Module: This system handles each and every aspect related to the salary to employee. We have taken utmost care to include even the smallest details, which have the effect on salary.

  • User can manage the complete details of employees which include their personal details, details related to their salary and details regarding their employment.
  • Employee leaves record is also maintained.
  • Categorization of salary heads (like HRA, DA, etc.) for salary is also included to make it more generalized.
  • At the end of the month salary slip will be generated taking into account all it's deductions and payments.

Accounting Module: It provides the capability to manage all the financial transactions of the institute which is useful for generating various statement accounts (like trial balance, balance sheet, etc.).

  • User can define different types of groups and accounts ledgers which help during the entry in the journal of other voucher.
  • When the user enters the transaction in journal it is automatically transferred to their respective accounts.
  • In case of transactions related to bank all the details related to cheque or draft is also maintained.
  • Facility has been provided to handle all the withdrawal and deposits of cash.
  • Finally different statements like trial balance, profit and loss account and balance sheet is generated automatically which is useful for auditing purpose.

Reminder : We are also providing a tool for reminder for specific date. It will popup automatically on specified date so that we take action on that date.
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